Sunday, 18 March 2018

The first Erasmus mobility of school learners in Madrid behind us. We are richer about the new expierences, knowledge and friendships. The welcome show of spanish pre-primary school kids was awsome, so graceful and charming!They presented traditional spanish dances, cloths and symbols.
All students took part in various types of workshops prepared from great coordinator of spanish erasmus team Mr Antonio. They designed 3D coins, learned about national side of coins, facts and characters and technical parameters, they showed also their country or city to the others, completed a Padlet with photos previously taken and polish students presented portfolio of historical events of Poland.
We visited great Spanish Mint Museum with rich exhibition and where we have possibility to knock out our own mint!
The whole erasmus team explored a part of fascinating spanish culture, history and art. We visited irresisitible City of Madrid and beautiful Segovia famous for its magnificent Roman aqueduct and its gothic cathedral.
All good things must come to an end... Finally came time to say goodbye. Teachers and students from Erasmus team "Money matters" learnt a lot about history of money, about team work and cooperation, about IT skills and communicating in English. The students developed also interpersonal relationships and open-mindness. At this meeting were also born new frienships which made our home journey harder, but the magic spirit of flamenco and unforgettable hospitality of our spanish hosts will we take with us for ever...

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