Sunday, 30 September 2018

Report on the 2nd transnational meeting held in Greece

A very interesting meeting (TM2) took place at the Primary School of Kouloura within the framework of the European Program Erasmus+ with the title “Money Matters”. from the 20th to 21st of September 2018.

In the meeting, which took place between the 19th (Arrival Day) till the 22nd of September 2018 (Departure Day), the Coordinators and the Principals of the schools were present. The topic of the meeting was the reflection of the 1st year as well as the reframing of the activities during the 2nd year of the implementation of the project.

The hosting , except for the teacher’s meeting, involved the visit to the historic agglomeration of “Ampelakia” where there was also a visit to the Folklore Museum, the school, The church of Saint George and the Schartz building, (Georgios Mavros`s Mansion) the place of the functioning of the first cooperation in Europe and in the world.

The tour was taken on by Mrs. Martha Ioannidou, Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , a co-operative of our school, who, with all her deep knowledge and enthusiasm, made our partners understand this micro-economic miracle and its extensions to education, spiritual culture and the liberation of freedom during the Ottoman domination.

During the return to Ambelakia, we were given the opportunity (a surprise to our hosted partners ) to travel to the waters of the Aegean, Platamonas site and see the area of ​​Pieria and Olympus, home of the 12 Gods according to Greek mythology.

The 2nd day of the meeting included an official l welcome from the mayor of the area and the foreman of the  education as well as the inauguration of the exhibition "Coins from Antiquity to Today and Banknotes from the Revolution of 1821 to the present", which was realized with the support and the noble concession of material from the Alpha Bank and the active participation of the pupils of our school

The hospitality, also ,included a visit to the Archaeological Site of Mieza, the School of Aristotle, who was the teacher of Alexander the Great and the Tombs of Judgement and Anthemion.
The program closed with a visit to the park of Agios Nikolaos, a place of inexperienced good and environmental interest.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Report on the 2nd Learning/Teaching/Training Activities C2 -Poland

Report on the 2nd Learning/Teaching/Training Activities C2 Meeting held in Pstrągowa, Poland.

The second  meeting took place at SZKOLA PODSTAWOWA NR 1 IM.PLK. K.IRANKA OSMECKIEGO in PSTRĄGOWA     from 7 till 11 May 2018.

All  teams were expected to arrive on Sunday but due to unexpected travel disturbances 2 countries ( Greece and Spain) arrived a day later, so the students were not able to take part in most Monday activities.

The idea of the first day, Monday, was to socialize all our students; Polish teachers prepared a very attractive and involving morning outdoor activities so that students could meet, talk and learn a bit about themselves.  It was a bit dissapointing that Greek and Spanish students couldn’t be a part of it. One of the mixed groups tasks was to design a banknote.

Then, there was an official welcome of the visit by the school headteacher; then, our students with their teachers’ support, prepared short historic scenes and presented some facts from Polish history on the base of famous Poles ( kings) whose portraits can be found on Polish banknotes. It was also a good occasion to get familiar with the school community.

Another point of the program were two  popular Polish dances: polonez ( which used to be danced by people who lived in manor houses and  the Tatras mountaineers dance ; both performed by preschool children ( aged 3-6).

 Later, the students divided in 2 groups attended  physics and chemistry lessons about coins.

In the afternoon there planned a baking bread workshop both for students and their teachers.

and , after that, a short concert  by a folk group ŻmiJE ,

and a party- it took place in  a very people friendly place-SIEDLISKO JANCZAR. There, we could warmly welcome our Greek and Spanish partners who finally arrived.

A general idea of the whole visit plan was :
  • to show a bit of our history, the way we used to live and live now, on the base of  banknotes figures, interesting historic sites like CARPATHIAN TROY or WAWEL Royal Castle and historic town of CRACOW 

  • to learn about types of local trade, get familiar with the history of money at HUTTEN CZAPSKI Numismatic Room in CRACOW  (a division of National Museum)

Project participants took part in educational trips on Tuesday ( Korczyna and Krosno), Wednesday ( Trzcinica) and Thursday ( Cracow).
On Friday all participants attended  an evaluation session, each student was asked to express their opinions , emotions about the whole visit.

We were very happy to see that the students had great relations, some of them made close friends, they communicated beyond borders

The whole programme of the visit was completed.
We were very lucky that the weather was just perfect, all our guests could admire the beauty of our landscape, experience Polish hospitality and taste , we hope also enjoy, the organic food.
It was an unforgettable experience for our school,  students, teachers, host families and local community.

Evaluation results:

1. the mobility to Poland met most students expectation
2. Students found most listed below activities:
1/ socialising activities on Monday at school             
2/ artistic program at school                                       
3/ scientific workshop/lesson at school                       
4/ bread -making workshop                                          
5/ chocolate  factory- workshop                                    
6/ Glass Herritage Centre in Krosno-workshop          
7/ archery / pottery workshop in KARPACKA TROJA on Wednesday          
8/ visit at Numismatic Room in Krakow-workshop                                         
9/ sightseeing Kraków                                                                                  

either/or/ both

A/ interesting         B/ useful for project purpose   C/ entertaining    E/ creative     
A few Students found some ctivities : visit at Numismatic Room in Krakow-workshop and  archery / pottery workshop in KARPACKA TROJA, scientific lesson at school   boring.
3. Host families were very helpful, friendly, hospitable, but most parents didn’t speak English.

4. Some students improved their language skills a lot , some a bit, a few did not.

5. All the students  enjoyed being a part of a project international communit

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

C2 E+ meeting in Poland / Reunión C2 Erasmus en Polonia- 2nd day / día 2

Nuestra primera excursión en Polonia ha sido apasionante. Hemos comenzado la mañana haciendo chocolate y la hemos acabado decorando nuestro propio plato de cristal. La visita a la fábrica de vidrio de Krosno ha sido todo un descubrimiento.

Our first day in Poland has been awesome. We started making chocolate early in the morning and finished it  by decorating a handcrafted glass dish. The visit  to the Krosno glass factory  has been a real find

Hoy hemos aprendido que, aunque el dinero importe (Money Matters), la artesanía local es un tesoro que todos debemos conservar.

We have learnt today that despite money matters, local crafts is a treasure we all must preserve

Monday, 7 May 2018

C2 E+ meeting in Poland / Reunión C2 Erasmus en Polonia

A pesar de haber tardado un día más de lo esperado en llegar a Polonia, el día de hoy ha sido toda una sorpresa. Hemos podido disfrutar de una ciudad que nos ha dejado muy buen sabor de boca: Munich.

Despite we flew to  Poland one day later, we overcame the situation and  enjoyed our stay in Munich

Nuestros amigos polacos nos han recibido con los brazos abiertos. Mañana podremos disfrutar de este país tan maravilloso.

Our Polish friends have given us a warm welcome. Tomorrow we will have the chance of discovering this amazing country, Poland

Sunday, 18 March 2018

The first Erasmus mobility of school learners in Madrid behind us. We are richer about the new expierences, knowledge and friendships. The welcome show of spanish pre-primary school kids was awsome, so graceful and charming!They presented traditional spanish dances, cloths and symbols.
All students took part in various types of workshops prepared from great coordinator of spanish erasmus team Mr Antonio. They designed 3D coins, learned about national side of coins, facts and characters and technical parameters, they showed also their country or city to the others, completed a Padlet with photos previously taken and polish students presented portfolio of historical events of Poland.
We visited great Spanish Mint Museum with rich exhibition and where we have possibility to knock out our own mint!
The whole erasmus team explored a part of fascinating spanish culture, history and art. We visited irresisitible City of Madrid and beautiful Segovia famous for its magnificent Roman aqueduct and its gothic cathedral.
All good things must come to an end... Finally came time to say goodbye. Teachers and students from Erasmus team "Money matters" learnt a lot about history of money, about team work and cooperation, about IT skills and communicating in English. The students developed also interpersonal relationships and open-mindness. At this meeting were also born new frienships which made our home journey harder, but the magic spirit of flamenco and unforgettable hospitality of our spanish hosts will we take with us for ever...